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How to Design & Order a Custom Pad

Looking for a pad that no one else has? Looking to express your unique style? Create a custom Saguaro Show Pad. Choose a custom Ranch Pad or Reining/Pleasure Pad. 

Kayleigh will work with you one-on-one to create your custom pad. Follow the steps below to get started!


Custom Pad Ordering with Saguaro Show Pads:

STEP #1. Choose if you would like a custom Pleasure/Reining Pad or Ranch Pad. 

PLEASURE/REINING PADS - Have vertical patterns of lines, zig-zags and dots. The weaving on these pads is a bit simpler than a ranch pad, but there are still endless possibilities of colors and design. Pleasure/Reining Pads include wear leathers to protect your pad from your saddle. They are under 3/4" thick and weight approximately 8 lbs, depending on size. See some examples of Pleasure/Reining Pads Custom Pleasure/Reining Pads start at $195.00.

RANCH PADS - Have complex woven patterns made on a special loom. Patterns can be large & intricate, include horizontal and vertical designs, curved and geometric shapes. No wear leathers standard but they can be added. Ranch Pads are under 1/2" thick and weigh approximately 4 lbs, depending on size. See some examples of Ranch Pads Custom Ranch Pads start at $225.00.

STEP #2: Put in the order for your custom pad. 

Order a Custom Reining/Pleasure pad HERE

Order a Custom Ranch pad HERE.

Choose our standard sizes or create a custom size to fit your horse and saddle best.

STEP #3: Please CONTACT US to start creating your custom pad today! Send your chosen colors, pattern, pictures of your horse and the outfit you’d like to match so that we can start working on creating your custom pad. You will receive a custom mock-up of your pad pattern with your colors to proof and approve before ordering.


STEP #4: Choose your colors. Want to match your horse and a shirt, chaps, hat, etc.? Gather up pictures or links to photos of what you are looking to match.

STEP #5: Choose your pattern from one of the ideas below, OR any of our current in stock or re-order pads OR work with us to create a completely custom pattern.

STEP #6: Receive your custom pad in 6-8 weeks for show pads, 8-10 weeks for ranch pads. We want to and will get your pad to you as soon as we can. Remember, the order can be placed only after you finalize your design. Weather and other events can delay shipments and are out of our control.

Enjoy your beautiful custom pad and share it! Tag us #customsaguaroshowpads in your pictures!