💥 A N N O U N C E M E N T 💥

Our customs are OPEN!

We have had customs closed for quite some time due to lack of time but we are ready to take them on again.

There are a few updates that you all should be aware of:


—Our custom pad price will now be $500. This is due to the amount of time it takes for us to work hands on with you to offer as accurate as possible digital mock ups.

#2) PROCESS 👇🏼

— We will now be doing a LIMITED NUMBER of customs. If you wish to design a custom with us, you will need to email us at customerservice@saguaroshowpads.com with CUSTOM in the subject bar. They will still be paid UP FRONT & a $50 design fee will be applied if art work is done and a custom is cancelled. Again, these take tons of time and energy to perfect for you.

These will be first come, first serve. I am only opening TEN spots for custom orders as to keep it manageable in terms of wait times and time to dedicate to each of you.


— Our wait time is around 16 weeks right now for reorder pads & customs will be the same. This is GIVE OR TAKE. As always, we CAN NOT & DO NOT guarantee them by 16 weeks. They CAN and sometimes DO take longer. We are doing more now to maintain our volume as to not overwhelm our weaving staff so this wait time *should* be more consistent.

For more questions, please EMAIL us.

Xoxo, Saguaro

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