If you love it, buy it. (Before someone else does)

Now that Spring is here, everyone is shopping for that special show pad...at the same time!

Have your eye on a certain pad?...maybe you’ll buy next month? Every single show pad we make and carry in stock will sell. Some sell in minutes and some take longer but you NEVER know—but they all sell. So if you love it, chances are someone else does too. Will they get this special pad or will you?

We get the same question all the time and it always goes like this—“I saw a pad you posted a while back and now it’s sold out. When will you restock it? If I reorder it now, will it be here for my show in two weeks?” YALL! The answer is always NO. These unique works of art take time to make and our lead time almost always is longer than people can afford to wait. Plus, we RARELY restock our pads. When we order in stock, the most we typically order is THREE at a time.

We will restock here and there but your best chance of owning that certain pad is to buy it as soon as it hits the website. If you love it, buy it (before someone else does). So if your waiting for a sign, perhaps this is it! 😘 -Saguaro*

original post idea credit to DarDar8Designs*

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