Meaning Behind The Name

As most of you know, we take much pride in hand drawing and developing our signature patterns. We copyright protect them and assign a unique name to them as well. These names are all relative to me in some way. Our pattern name inspiration can be found many places such as my loved one's names, our animal's names, my heart horse's names, characters & places from my favorite books & movies, & places from around my home town just to name a few. We are based out of Americus, Georgia (my hometown) & the first "Meaning Behind The Name" pad was inspired by a local landmark here. Meet the "Rylander". One of our most popular patterns to date. It can be found on our website available in many colors and is also available to customize! 

To purchase your very own custom "Rylander" CLICK HERE.

To learn more about the Rylander hotel CLICK HERE.

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