Size help!

We get a lot of questions about our pad sizes and how we measure! Here’s a graphic for you 🙌🏻

34” is the “spine length” — this is the part that is down the spine of the horse. (Please note that wear leather goes under the girth to protect the delicate weave of the pad!)

Our “drop” refers to how much pad shows out from under the saddle. We offer three standard options here.

•38” (which gives you roughly 19” on either side)

•40” (which gives you roughly 20” on either side)

•42” (which gives you roughly 21” on either side)

—Size is totally a preference!—

••We do recommend that you add at least 2” to the spine length of your work pad to get 1” cover front and back so no pad hangs out!

••If you have a particularly short leg, you may want to consider a shorter drop.

If our standard sized pads do not work for you, we do offer “custom” sized pads in any reorder, preorder, or custom pad! Please note that “custom” sized pads are final sale.

Hope this helps you! —Saguaro 💜

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