•One ticket = one entry (buy as many as you’d like!)•Free DOMESTIC shipping (international customers may participate but will be required to pay for shipping)

💸 $8 for one ticket

💸 $35 for five tickets

RULES: Tickets will be available for a limited time only & are non-refundable. Please be respectful of this rule as you are *not* guaranteed to win! This applies to regular reining/pleasure & ranch pads only. If you win and would like to use your credit towards a shirt or First Class pad, you will be awarded a credit of $229.99 towards it. We have tons of pads in stock. Winner(s) will be able to select ONE in stock pad of their choosing in stock.We will be giving away as many pads as we have entries to cover. Winners will be randomly drawn & shipped to the shipping address used on your ticket purchase order so please ensure that is it correct!We will announce the drawing date on our Facebook page as entries start to fill!MAKE SURE YOU LIKE & FOLLOW OUR SOCIAL MEDIA TO SEE THE WINNER!JOIN OUR VIP FACEBOOK GROUP

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